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  • What is sandblasting?
    Sandblasting is a process that uses air with sand to remove rust/or paint from a surface.
  • What is powder coating?
    Powder coating is a dry process that uses a electric charge that fuses dry powder to a metal surface. It is then cured in a baking oven . For a beautiful long lasting durable finish.
  • What powder colors do you offer?
    Powder coating has as many colors as paint offers!
  • What’s the largest item that can be powder coated?
    With the largest oven in thr Grand Strand, we can powder coat items up to 30ft!
  • Do all items need to be blasted before powder coating?
    Yes if it is not bare surface.
  • What are your drop-off & pick up hours?
    8am - 5pm, Monday thru Friday
  • Do you offer disassembling / installation of hand rails?
    Tracy & Crystal, we will need an explination/answer here for the FAQ question above.

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